World Economic Forum’s Current South Asian Report

Economies of South Asia is one of the fastest growing economy in the World . Such as India and Bangladesh are on the top qualifiers in the Gross Domestic Production race . India is supposed to be in one of the top 5 Biggest Economies till to 2030 . There are 8 countries in South Asia  , and all of them are Included on the List made by

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Here are the List of Current GDP ( Nominal ) of South Asian Countries

Per the World Economic Forum (2018)
Rank Country GDP
South Asia $3.5 Trillion
1  India $2.8 Trillion
2  Bangladesh
$285 Billion
3  Pakistan $283 Billion
4  Sri Lanka $93 Billion
5   Nepal $27 Billion
6  Afghanistan $20 Billion
7  Maldives $2 Billion
8  Bhutan $2.7 Billion

South Asian Countries might have bigger place on the world in next decade . But all the South Asian countries not  getting higher on the GDP  and economic criteria . Such as Pakistan . Pakistan had $305 Billion of GDP and the 2nd largest Economic Giant in Southern Asia while their Poor Foreign Policy caused to push their economy . In this Year Pakistan decreased their GDP from $305 Billion to $283 Billion and lost their 2nd position on the race to Bangladesh .  if we compare these of  Countries,  in 2011 Pakistan had GDP of $213  Billion and a foreign reserve of huge amount as $40 Billion  while Bangladesh had $110 Billion as GDP and $13 billion on Foreign Reserve exchange in 2011 . That was game changing opportunity for Bangladesh when newly Elected Prime minister of Bangladesh  Sheikh Hasina started concentrating on their economic  categories to improve their country standards .

India is and was always the biggest one on the list . it because of their huge amount of resources on that land they have .

Afghanistan was one of the biggest Economic giant in south Asia during the mid and late 19’s before the U.S invasion of Afghanistan happened . On the Other Hands Sri Lanka and Nepal  never have been to that toughest on the Race . But in the Couple of Years Nepal seems to be working hard on their GDP growth rates as now they are one of the fastest growing economy  in the World .

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