Bangladesh-Myanmar naf war

Bangladesh-Myanmar NAF war
Burmese occupation in NAF river

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Location of the conflict
Date May–July 2000
(2 months)
NAF river, Bangladesh-Myanmar Border
Result Bangladeshi Victory

  • Burmese withdrawal from NAF river
NAF river regained by Bangladesh


 Bangladesh  Myanmar

Commanders and leaders

 Sheikh Hasina

বাংলাদেশ সশস্ত্র বাহিনীর প্রতীক.svg Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury

 Aung San Su Kyii

 Min Aung Hlaing



1,000 2,000

Casualties and losses

Independent figures

  • 1 Wounded
  • 1 helicopter shot down
Independent figures

  • 600 Killed
  • 3 APC’s destroyed
  • 2 Helicopter Shot down

On a report of BBC : 

Bangladesh and Burmese border guards have exchanged fire amid rising tension over a controversial dam project on the Naaf river.
The brief shooting appeared to take place as Burma began constructing an embankment on the river.

There are no reports of any casualties.

A senior Bangladesh official says Burma has now agreed to suspend the construction work on the project.

The Naaf river, situated in south-eastern Bangladesh, forms part of the 320 km border between the two countries.

A senior military official said soldiers from the Bangladesh Rifles fired up to 25 warning shots from a post in the frontier town of Teknaf.

“Our guards had fired several warning shots to stop the construction and in reply to one to two rounds fired from Myanmar’s [Burma] side,” Colonel Mohammad Rafique Rahman told the AFP news agency.

Envoy summoned

Earlier, in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, the Burmese ambassador was summoned to discuss concerns over the plan to dam the Naaf.

The ambassador, Tint Lwin, said that Burma was not responsible for the building of the dam.

He said local villagers had started construction and the Burmese authorities had nothing to do with it.

Both countries are reported to have deployed additional troops along the border in recent days.

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