Things that you may not know about 2000s movies

Love it or despise it, Twilight became a worldwide phenomenon in 2008 after its theatrical release. It grossed more than $393 million and became the most purchased DVD the following year. Fans almost didn’t have a Team Edward to be on considering that more than 3,000 actors auditioned for the role. Stephenie Meyer preferred Henry Cavill, but his age was a problem.After Robert Pattinson’s audition at director Catherine Hardwicke’s home, it was clear that he was the right one to play the melancholy vampire.[9] He was then requested to wear braces to “fix his teeth” before filming began. It is interesting to note that Pattinson planned on quitting acting a day before he got the role as Edward Cullen.Pattinson also performed the song “Never Think” for the soundtrack. It is played during the dinner scene between Bella and Edward.Other interesting tidbits include Jennifer Lawrence auditioning for the role of Bella, Taylor Lautner not having a clue what Twilight was about when he auditioned for the role of Jacob Black, actors in the wolf pack having to prove their Native American heritage, and Pattinson crying about having to take his shirt off during his audition.


2.I Am Legend
Guillermo Del Toro was approached by Will Smith to direct I Am Legend, but he passed to make Hellboy II. This was after Smith got the role that could have initially gone to Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, or even Michael Douglas. Released in December 2007, I Am Legend grossed $585 million and became the highest-grossing non-Christmas film released in the US over the holidays. Director Francis Lawrence was on set for a week when he decided that the prosthetics for the infected were not convincing enough and opted for CGI. This increased the budget as well as the days on set. By itself, the Brooklyn Bridge collapse scene cost $5 million and took six days to film.[8] It was revealed that Will Smith loved his costar dog, Abbey, so much that he tried to adopt her. But her trainer wouldn’t budge. Smith also made a faux pas in Japan by revealing the end of the movie to reporters during an interview. It seems that a reboot of the movie might finally be in the works 10 years after its release.


Up was released in May 2009 as the opening film at the Cannes Film Festival. It was the first 3-D and animated film to have this honor. The movie went on to earn over $730 million worldwide and garnered five Oscar nominations.Although Up is most remembered for its heartbreaking opening sequence, it has many funny moments, too—striking a perfect balance between heart and humor. This opening sequence was originally going to have a brief dialogue with Carl and Ellie completing each other sentences.[10]Pixar went above and beyond in their quest to perfect the film, even bringing a group of ostriches to the studio for reference. They also consulted with an architect to ensure that the scene with 10,297 balloons lifting Carl’s house from the ground could be as believable as possible. Carl and Russell’s shapes were also deliberate. Carl is square, which indicates his stiff, introverted personality. This is made worse by the loss of Ellie. Russell is round, indicating happiness and energy.


4.The Passion Of The Christ
The Passion of the Christ is a controversial biblical drama from 2004 that drew criticism for its excessive violence and for allegedly promoting anti-Semitism via subliminal means. Still, it grossed more than $600 million at the box office and remains the most profitable non-English language movie in history. Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrays Jesus in the film, had a rough time on set. He was whipped twice by accident and was struck by lightning twice. During the scene in which he had to carry the cross, he separated his shoulder.[5] At the time, he wouldn’t have been blamed for wishing that the role had gone to the first-choice actor, Macaulay Culkin.


5.Pan’s Labyrinth
In 2006, a dark fantasy film called Pan’s Labyrinth premiered at the Cannes Film Festival before hitting cinemas worldwide. Despite only grossing $83 million, the film garnered critical acclaim and won a host of awards, including three Oscars. It also remained the highest-grossing Spanish-language film in the US for seven years.[7]Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro almost had a disaster on his hands when he left a notebook crammed full of four years’ worth of notes, character details, and plot information about the movie in a cab. Fortunately, the cabdriver found the book and was able to locate del Toro at his hotel to return it. Del Toro also refused to shoot the movie in Hollywood due to a bad experience filming Mimic in the 1990s. So Pan’s Labyrinth was shot in Spain during a drought. This brought its own set of problems because the location was meant to look like a forest. Artificial grass and other greenery had to be used to cover up the lack of vegetation.On a different note, the film inspired Bjork to write a song called “Pneumonia.”


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